They are back! Dutch white asparagus

They are back! Dutch white asparagus

It is that time of the year again, the ‘White Gold’… the ‘Queen of Vegetables’ is available again: WHITE DUTCH ASPARAGUS!

Eat them as fresh as you can

These type of asparagus have rightfully earned itself nicknames like ‘white gold’ and ‘queen among vegetables’. It is indeed a very flavorful vegetable, which is traditionally harvested and enjoyed in Limburg in The Netherlands from the second Thursday in April. They are available only for a short while, so the new SEASONAL SPECIALS menu is loaded with various Dutch asparagus dishes. Enjoy!

Also in season right now are DUTCH STRAWBERRIES – freshly picked from the fields! Marinated with sugar and orange liqueur then topped with mixture of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream – a dessert you’ll be liking your fingers after!

Available May 06 till May 20, 2017


Terrine of Dover sole fillet, duck liver and Parma ham with white Dutch asparagus, rucola and truffle mayonnaise

Thai marinated salmon and salmon roe, white Dutch asparagus, sea beans, croutons and dressing of egg and fried onions

Creamy soup of white Dutch asparagus with crab cake and masago fish roe


Herb crusted cobia fillet with white Dutch asparagus, sea aster, sun dried tomato tapenade and creamy mustard-tarragon sauce

Steamed Aruban rock lobster tail with garlic mashed potato, sea beans, white Dutch asparagus, lobster sauce and sauce hollandaise

Pan fried duck breast with melted duck liver, white Dutch asparagus, coarse mustard mashed potato and morel sauce


Strawberry Romanoff, fresh Dutch strawberries marinated with sugar and orange liqueur then topped with mixture of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and strawberries


A WORD FROM THE CHEF – On a bi-weekly basis Chef Erwin prepares some of the most popular seasonal specials from North Europe which he creates from scratch with the freshest and finest ingredients and products at the time.

Photo by Kenneth Theysen | Timeless-Pixx

Seen in the picture on top: White asparagus with melted duck liver, bacon, crispy potato brunoise, crispy capers, caramelized onions, egg and port reduction (Seasonal Special Week 20 & 21 May 2015)