WILD STRIPED BASS – A Catch to Make a Chef’s Heart Leap

WILD STRIPED BASS – A Catch to Make a Chef’s Heart Leap

The real thing is always designated wild

In the 1980’s, this popular, meaty fish nearly became extinct. Nowadays things have turned around for a long while and plenty of restaurants serve a farmed version hoping that customers won’t notice the difference. But the farmed version is about as close to the wild as a dog is to a wolf. The real thing is unmistakable. It is not just a large fish, but also a beefy one. It has a rugged edge, suggesting that it has been raised in rough waters. You can taste its story in its succulent flesh: it takes on the sweetness of the fresh river waters where it is spawned, salinity from the ocean and meatiness from muscling its way down the Eastern coastline.

Moderately fatty, the wild striped bass has a rich flavor and a large, firm flake.

To fillet a DOVER SOLE takes some skill. Chef Erwin prepares the tasty flatfish ‘a la meunière’, filleted table side for you.

Chef Erwin Hüsken’s Seasonal Specials

Available April 07 till April 20, 2017


Tuna and spices served with papaya salad, crispy wonton, ruby grapefruit, cherry tomatoes, herb oil and spicy masago mayonnaise 17.5

Smoked salmon served on potato rösti with pickles, quail eggs, caviar of Dutch herring and crème fraîche mayonnaise 22. 5

Creamy corn soup with blue crabmeat 9.5


Wild striped bass with brandade of stockfish, glazed beets and jumbo carrots, green asparagus and creamy mustard-tarragon sauce 42.5

Pan fried monk fish fillet and candied bacon served with rosemary mashed potato, oven roasted bell peppers and creamy truffle sauce 36.5

Dover sole prepared “a la meunière” and filleted table side 18oz, served with mashed potato, creamy spinach, garlic broccoli and beet chips 69.5


Baba au rhum with crème Chantilly, almond crisp and mango-lemon sherbet 9.5


A WORD FROM THE CHEF – On a bi-weekly basis Chef Erwin prepares some of the most popular seasonal specials from North Europe which he creates from scratch with the freshest and finest ingredients and products at the time.

Photo by Kenneth Theysen | Timeless-Pixx