“My World Stopped With the First Bite of the Tuna Steak”

“My World Stopped With the First Bite of the Tuna Steak”

We are fortunate that the majority of online reviews we receive from guests who had dined with us are filled with compliments and recognition of our efforts to provide our guest with an extraordinary fine dining experience.

Every once in a while though, someone puts up a review that is extra rewarding. Such as this one posted just recently by TripAdvisor member OILANDGASINVEST. Enjoy reading!

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The Screaming Eagle wasn’t just amazing food for Aruba; it was one of the best meals I’ve had anywhere in the last few years.

As good as the appetizers were – and the angus beef carpaccio was one of the two best I have ever had – The Moment the World Stopped was when my kind wife gave me the first bite of her Yellowfin Tuna Steak camera icon.

Her words summed up our experience there – “If the chef could see the look on your face right now it would give him so much joy.”

The tuna was so tender, and the Japanese dressing such a perfect mild salt, I just sat there and savoured that first mouthful. (And of course, now that I had let the cat out of the bag on how delicious it was I knew I could only count on being offered only one more bite ;-))

The underlying risotto just melted on your tongue as you savoured the tuna. It was a divine combination. I really hadn’t had that kind of culinary favourite for a couple years (and on the other side of the planet).

I confess I have no expectations of food at high-end restaurants in resort islands, but the quality of this menu would be at home in any major city.

The carpaccio was truly delicious because you could taste the quality of the meat. It was well covered with tasty accoutrements, which IMHO usually take away from the carpaccio, but this time did not.

The pork belly appetizer camera icon was a nice big portion, and not too fatty – a common fault. Our last appy, the marinated ceviche, was a little too “lime-y” for our taste.

My Norwegian Halibut camera icon was in trouble, because my first bite of entrée was the amazing tuna. But it was delicious as well; the meat was tender and moist and like the tuna, mixed perfectly with the risotto.

A bottle of Migration Pinot Noir from Duckhorn camera icon was an excellent choice by our waiter to accompany the food. The only problem is that wine that good turns drinking it into a competition!

We don’t eat dessert, so I can’t comment there.

The ambience is excellent; in the middle of Eagle Beach right across from the street from the ocean. Light, white drapes separated the rows of tables inside, giving it a funky and light feel camera icon.

With a name like “Screaming Eagle”, you can bet the wine list is excellent, and it was. They do have several vintages of its namesake wine there for the wealthier patrons, and congratulations to all those who can afford it.

This was our favourite restaurant on the island, and will be #1 on our list should we ever return to Aruba.

  • Visited March 2017

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