OCTOPUS …chewy? Guess again!

OCTOPUS …chewy? Guess again!


Octopus is often perceived as ‘chewy’ whenever found as a menu option. It couldn’t be farther from the truth! But it does take a little trick when preparing. First we cook the octopus in vegetable bouillon and add corks of red wine during the process. Red wine and the corks of their bottles contain tannin; works just perfect to break down the tissue during cooking, resulting in nice tender octopus.

MANGO fruit could easily be everybody’s favorite. Native to South Asia, mango has been distributed worldwide to become one of the most cultivated fruits in the tropics. It is available year through and tastes like the best tasting candy that can grow on a tree!

Available February 25 till March 09, 2017


Farm raised royal Osetra caviar camera icon served with potato blini’s, onions, capers, parsley, egg and crème fraîche 30 gr.

Papa a la huancaina and octopus camera icon tender octopus with boiled yellow potato, boiled egg, green olives and sauce of aji amarillo

Spicy chicken broth with chicken, broccoli, bean sprouts, egg, cilantro and fried onions


Miso glazed Chilean salmon served with glazed rainbow carrots, pickled radish, beet chips and wasabi mashed potato

European sea bass served with lemon-garlic risotto, grilled zucchini, potato chips and ansjovis-black olive dressing

Veal meatball stuffed with duck liver served with truffle mashed potato, oven baked parsnip fries and Dutch apple jelly sauce


Mango mousse camera icon with chocolate crisp, mango sherbet and passion fruit sauce


A WORD FROM THE CHEF – On a bi-weekly basis Chef Erwin prepares some of the most popular seasonal specials from North Europe which he creates from scratch with the freshest and finest ingredients and products at the time.

Photo by Kenneth Theysen | Timeless-Pixx