New in season and available this week at Screaming Eagle DUTCH MUSSELS!
Additionally FLANK STEAK – flank steak is a relatively long and flat beef steak cut from the abdominal muscles or butt of the cow.

Available July 17 – July 30, 2015

Carpaccio of yellowfin tuna with sweet and sour cucumber, frisee lettuce, peanut cracker, borage cress and Japanese dressing $17.50

“Vol-au-vent” of mussels, Dutch Zeeland mussels ragout with saffron served in puff pastry with parsley and chives $16.50

“Corn dog” of oxtail and duck liver served with tomato marmalade and honey-mustard mayonnaise $17.50

Gazpacho of galia melon and cucumber served with french baguette and Ganda ham $9.50

Main Courses
Pan fried european sea bass served with brandade of smoked eel, glazed beet and sauce of green peas $34.50

Grilled swordfish served with pesto risotto, oven tomatoes, romanesco and ProvenÁal dressing $31.50

Veal combination: pan fried veal loin, croquette of veal sweetbread and braised veal shoulder served with creamy spinach, truffle mashed potatoes and red wine sauce $39.50

Grilled and five spice glazed flank steak served with garlic baked potato, savoy cabbage with bacon and Jack Daniel’s sauce $29.50

Cheesecake served with ice cream made of yoghurt and amarena cherries $9.50

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